Tomáš Palík

About me

My name is Tomáš Palík. I was born in Prague, I still live and work in Prague.

In my professional life, I do human resource management - I am a HR consultant, particularly I am specialized on recruitment in IT, partly also in engineering. In the normal working day I am looking for capable and talented people and I am interviewing them to find new professionals to work in companies, which are our clients.

My hobbies include interest in public affairs, politics, marketing. Apart from that, of course I am interested in IT, mobile phones, internet, networks, I enjoy reading about new technological innovations, after all recruiting IT specialists and managers is my job. I also like to travel, I like to taste new foods, listen to music, watch TV shows and movies. From sports I like cycling, playing badminton and swimming.

I have been interested in the internet, internet phenomena and web development for a long time - since elementary school. That's why this page was created. Besides, I find it nice to have my own small website.


Talent Acquisition Consultant - Recruiter

2022 - today Devire

Senior Talent Sourcer

2021 - 2022 GoodCall

Talent Sourcer

2019 - 2021 GoodCall

Front Office Administrator

2018 - 2019 Coface

Quality Control Specialist

2011 - 2022 DP Praha part-time job


Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague

Political science and international relations four years of studies

Faculty of Economics and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague

Public Administration and Regional Development one year of studies

Grammar school

Prague - Prosek

Elementary school

Prague - Černý Most


In every proper CV you should find skills. That's why I decided to write them here as well.

Human resources, recruitment

I specialize in human resources management, particularly recruitment of new employees.

I am very well skilled in searching for new candidates to fill job positions, I determine the search strategy, both by searching databases or job portals, as well as by classic headhunting, with which I also have several years of good experience. I also advertise on job portals such as or LinkedIn, or on social networks.

I conduct interviews, assess candidates professional competence, personality and other parameters.

I work on the techniques of approaching new candidates, I do first contact, interviews, and I also guide candidates through the selection process to the actual onboarding into the new job.

Information technology

I have extensive knowledge of IT technologies, both backend and frontend, programming languages, frameworks, libraries, or tools for DevOps, containerization, cybersecurity, etc.

I am very familiar with the Windows operating system, I know a lot of hidden settings and I can deal with many problems.

I am well-informed about mobile phones, I am familiar with the current offer on the market, I am experienced with the Android operating system.

I am very skilled in the use of Microsoft Office, I know how to create websites and manage advanced content management systems such as Joomla or Wordpress.

I know how to work with data management programs, I can handle batch file changes and other functions.


I am very well skilled linguistically, I have excellent correspondence skills and very good written expression. I have a very good knowledge of grammar.


Upper intermediate - level B2.


Intermediate - level B1.

Favourite quotes

  • There is not a little time at our disposal, there is just a lot of time that we don't use at all.

    Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • Beauty is the form of a thing. Every thing has a certain form. So every thing is beautiful in its own way.

    Vincent van Gogh


How can I help you? Write me.

I prefer email communication, you can contact me via the form below or on e-mail tomas /at/ I also have LinkedIn, you can message me there as well. Last option is Facebook, however I use it nowadays just occasionally. You can find the links at the end of the site. I will reply to your message as soon as possible.

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